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Classifying Real Numbers

Numbers Numbers are either Real or Imaginary. Real numbers are either Rational or Irrational. All real numbers can be placed on a real number line.   Rational numbers include any number that can be written as a fraction or a ratio of two integers, where . Irrational numbers cannot be written as a ratio or…

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Order on a number line

Definition of Order on a number line: If a and b are real numbers, a is less than b if b – a is positive. Inequality Symbols:  is less than > is greater than < is less than or equal to  is greater than or equal to Subsets of real numbers are called intervals. a, b…

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Algebraic Expressions

Vocabulary needed to understand beginning algebra. 1.  Variables –> letters 2.  Algebraic expressions –> combinations of letters and numbers 3.  constants –> real numbers 4.  terms –> parts separated by plus (+) or minus (-) signs  eg.  has three terms 5.  variable terms –> letters –>  and   6.  constant term –> only a number…

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Absolute Value

Definition for Absolute Value If a is a real number, then the absolute value of a is:                eg.   ,    Properties of Absolute Values 1.  2.  3.  4.  Watch these free videos and review the concepts of order on the number line and absolute value. Tweet

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Check Out This Free Video To Help You Better Understand How To Evaluate Algebraic Expressions:   Tweet

Math is Everywhere – Grade Five Problem Solving

Math is Everywhere – Grade Five Problem Solving  Check out this video showing a grade five class in Canada, using their problem solving skills. Tweet

Two Digit Addition

Addition of Two-Digit Numbers Watch this video showing how to tutor your child to learn to add numbers of two or more digits. Remember to line up the place value of each digit before adding the numbers together. Tweet