Cartesian Plane

The Cartesian Plane is used to plot points.  A rectangular coordinate system consists of points called ordered pairs.  (x,y)  The coordinates of the points and listed in alphabetical order so x comes first in an ordered pair (x,y).

Castesian Plane

x-axis –> horizontal number line

y-axis –> vertical number line

origin –> point of intersection (0,0)

quadrants –> there are four ( I, II, III, IV)

ordered pair (x,y) –> called the coordinates

x- coordinate –> abscissa

y-coordinate –> ordinate

plot points –> x first (left/right) and y second (up/down)

Sample questions: 

1.  In which quadrant would you find the following points?

a)  (-1,1)        A:  II

b)  (2,-1)        A:  IV

c)  (3,4)         A:  I

2.  Name the quadrant for the following points.  Then move each point 2 units to the right and up 5 units.  Name the position of each new point and which quadrant it is in now.

      Starting Point           Quadrant           Right 2, Up 5          Quadrant

a)          (-1,-1)                         III                     (1,4)                           I

b)          (-2,-4)                         III                     (0,1)                       y-axis

c)          (2,-3)                           IV                    (4,2)                           I

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