Mathematics is a top priority course in all High School programs.  Use Online Math Tutors to show you how you can succeed in Math. 

To be succesful in most high school math courses one needs a good calculator.  For algebra 1 and algebra 2, one does not need a graphing calculator but one that has a square root function and pi is a necessity.  Graphing calculators are essential for Pre-calculus and Calculus. 

Check out this resources for the best calculator to meet your needs. 



#1.   Online Algebra Calculator

It is truely the best calculator for algebra
You can store up to 15 functions at runtime and give them names.
You can do all sorts of algebriac operations
You can do integration and differentation
You can write your own programs that manipulate algebriac functions
You can save/edit your work
You can print out your work

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#2.   Math Calculator

Find a great software to calculate expressions, roots, extremes, derivatives, integrals, and much more.

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#3.  DreamCalc

This is EDITION: DCG Graphing Edition

FEATURES: The Graphing Edition of the DreamCalc virtual calculator for your PC or laptop, is ideal for students and scientific users. You'll get the intuitive feel and productivity of using a professional hand-held calculator, but one which adapts to your way of working.
With DreamCalc, you'll be able to graph functions and plot list data more simply than ever before. In fact, it is a match for many dedicated graphing packages, but far easier to use. Select from Reverse Polish Notation or two styles of algebraic input, and with the optional ability to run in your Windows system tray--DreamCalc will always be there whenever you need to reach for a calculator.
DreamCalc also offers you a full range of scientific functions, statistics, complex numbers, base-n logic, unit conversions, built-in constants and a powerful polynomial solver. Because it is software, it allows you to exchange your results, graphs and lists with your other applications.
It is a "must" for Business, Science, Engineering and Education.

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#4.   CalcSharp

CalcSharp is .Net application that evaluates mathematical expressions step by step.

It uses a different approach from a conventional calculator, which is more
natural to the way people calculate. When you calculate on a conventional
calculator, each time you enter a new number you lose sight of the previous
one. And if you make a mistake in the middle of a long expression, you have
to start all over. In CalcSharp, you can see all of what you are calculating,
and expressions can easily be edited.


- Evaluate mathematical expressions step by step

- Large number of built-in functions and operators

- Large number of predefined mathematical, physical constants

- Supports fractions, decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers

- Ability to express angles in degrees, radians, or grads

- Works with "Infinity" and "Not-a-number"

- User-defined variables

- User-defined functions

- Three kinds of parentheses

- Detail error checking and reporting

- Unlimited size of expressions

- Unlimited depth of nesting

- Expression builder

- Stores expressions in plain or rich text format

- MDI support

- Log successfully calculated expressions and results

- Xcopy installation ( only 100kb in size )

- Tray and hotkey support

- Multilanguage support

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