Topics and concepts one should know from Algebra I and II before delving into the material covered in Pre-Calculus.


P-1       Real Numbers

            1.  Represent and classify real numbers

            2.  Order real numbers and use inequalities

            3.  Find the absolute values of real numbers and find the distance between two   numbers.

            4.  Evaluate algebraic expressions

            5.  Use the basic rules and properties of algebra


P-2       Exponents and Radicals

            1.  Use the properties of exponents

            2.  Use Scientific Notation to Represent Real numbers

            3.  Use properties of radicals

            4.  Simplify and Combine Radicals

            5.  Rationalize Denominators and Numerals

            6.  Use properties of Rational Exponents


P-3       Polynomials and Factoring

            1.  Write polynomials in standard form

            2.  Add, Subtract and Multiply polynomials

            3.  Use special products to multiply polynomials.

           4.  Remove common factors from polynomials

            5.  Factor special polynomial forms

            6.  Factor trinomials as the product of two binomials

            7.  Factor by grouping


P-4       Rational Expressions

            1.  Find the domains of algebraic expressions

            2.  Simplify rational expressions

            3.  Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions

            4.  Simplify complex fractions


P-5       Solving Equations

            1.  Identify different types of equations

            2.  Solve linear equations in one variable

            3.  Solve quadratic equations by factoring, extracting square roots, completing the square, and by using the quadratic formula

            4.  Solve polynomial equations of degree three or greater

            5.  Solving equations involving radicals

            6.  Solving equations involving absolute value


P-6       Solving Inequalities

            1.  Recognize solutions of linear inequalities

            2.  Use the properties of inequalities to solve linear inequalities

            3.  Solve inequalities involving absolute values

            4.  Solve polynomial and rational inequalities


P-7       Errors and the Algebra of Calculus

            1.  Avoid common algebraic errors

            2.  Recognize and use algebraic techniques that are common in calculus


P-8       Graphical Representation of Data

            1.  Plot points in the Cartesian Plane

            2.  Use the distance formula to find the distance

            3.  Use the midpoint formula to find the midpoint

            4.  Use a coordinate plane to model and solve real life situations