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 Is the math curriculum taught in schools changing?  The content is remains the same but the way children are taught is constantly changing.

Before you spend too much time sorting through the curriculum, you want to make sure that Math is Fun for you and your child.  Here are two great resources for lots of games you can play with your child to help reinforce the math concepts he / she is learning.  

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#2.   Making Math More Fun

"Making Math More Fun Printable Math Games" gives you 4 books jam packed full of kids math games and fun math activities to make math exciting and easy to learn.


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Most school boards and department of education include four main strands of mathematics education.  The four strands are: 


Develop number sense.




Use patterns to describe the world and to solve problems.


 Variables and Equations




Use direct and indirect measurement to solve problems.


 3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes

Describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, and analyze the relationships among them.



Describe and analyze position and motion of objects and shapes.



Data Analysis

Collect, display and analyze data to solve problems.


Chance and Uncertainty

Use experimental or theoretical probabilities to represent and solve problems involving uncertainty.


Check out the topics listed in this section to find resources for K through Grade 5 Math concepts.