Are you looking for a Math DVD that teaches you the math concepts your child is learning in school?  There are a number of good products out there that will help you learn the concepts in Math.

Students can use these DVD’s themselves and improve their math skills. 

Parents can use these DVD’s to brush up on their skills so they can help their child as they work with them to discover new math skills.

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#1.   Tutor Jam Academy

TutorJam offers individualized math tutoring programs to help students build a strong math foundation and gain confidence in their numerical and analytical abilities.

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#2.   Wyzant Math Tutoring

Affordable & Convenient, WyzAnt tutors are screened, tested and guaranteed. Detailed tutor profiles make it simple to find the right tutor. You can send your tutor a message, and you'll hear back right away.

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#3   Math Tutor DVDs

Buying algebra, geometry, and calculus tutor dvds is a good educational investment. This site carries all of the best Math DVDs available. The material is presented in a clear and well-organized form. Not only is this site a great provider of Algebra DVDs but they also specialize in chemistry, physics, satistics and more.

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Check out this website MathFoundation.com or MathTutorDVD.com and find great resources that you can use to learn Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Basic Algebra, and Geometry.

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